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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I can't live without :)

things that i can't live without.

i got so many things in my mind...but if i list it out, i scare i won't able to stop typing it..
so, i made a short list..

No. 1 ~ My black B.U.M purse...i never ever leave home without this..
My I.C, my bank's cards, my student's card, discount's cards and money are all in my purse..
This stuffs are damn important to me..if i happen to lose this things, i never gonna forgive myself..

No. 2 ~ My certificates.
I really can't help myself from crying if i lost this. These certificates are the only proved that i got to show what i have achieved in my school days..

No. 3 ~ My mobile phones @ my second boyfriend.=P
I love my mobile phones just like i love my boyfriend...hehe...gonna cry out loud if i lost them..:D

No. 4 ~ My baby Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W180 camera.
This camera captured more than just a picture. It's treasured every memories that i had.

No. 5 ~ My Acer Aspire laptop.
The first item that above rm1000 that i bought on my own without anyone knowing it.

No. 6 ~ My short-pants.
I just can't live without these, it just a part of me. The hot weather in Malaysia really need me to wear these most of the times..

No. 7 ~ My jeans..
I heart jeans a lot. I wear jeans since i was a lil girl..** that is why i used to be a tomboy before this, my mum dressed me up with jeans & short pants.** ;P

No. 8 ~ My flip-flops..
Wearing flip-flops is so comfy and you'll feel like flying when you are running..haha..** i just made that up..haha**

No. 9 ~ My photo albums.
All the memories that i had since i was a lil baby, kids, teenagers till now, i keep it nicely in my albums.

No. 10 ~ My magazines & comics collection. ( CLEO, SEVENTEEN, HYPE, GALAXY, COSMO, GILA-GILA, UJANG n etc. )
I never let my mum throw or sell it to the newspaper man even it is already old. I just love my collection so much. Who would know that i could make money with my old collections one day?.. :)

No. 11 ~ My black's dress collection.
I totally into Black Dress. Every time i shop for a dress, Black is definitely the color that i gonna choose.
right now i already got myself 9 pairs of black dress. Gonna get myself a new one this month..hehehe..

No. 12 ~ My stamps collection.
Yah, i do collect stamps. It was my hobby in primary school. I got my first stamp collection from my mum. 
** She used to collect stamp too..

No. 13 ~  My CD, VCD and DVD collections.
If mum throw this away, i sure will cry & beg her to buy it again...:DD

No. 14 ~ My bags collections. 
My addiction to bag started when i was in form 3. I love to collect all kind and sizes.

No. 15 ~ My posters collection.
Okay, i admitted that my room's wall is full of poster. ;P
To those who ever enter my room, sure agree with what i said. hehehe
I got these poster since i first saw The Backstreet Boys in magazine...haha..that's how my collection started...hehe.

Even though i can't live without these, but if i had to choose between these with my love ones, i absolutely gonna go for 
my love ones.
I love my family, boyfie and friends more than my addictions..



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