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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Them.. =)

THEM..Who are "THEM"?

They are my friends. My best friends.
We share a lot of moments together.
They always there by my side whenever i need them. I never thought that they are so important in my life.
They showed me the true meaning of friendship and life. Always there to help me. Give supports and never condemn me. Good friend will never stab their friend from behind. I'm glad that they are not these type of peoples. I'm also glad that God gave me, THEM to be my friend. I just want to say, 

Moments together...:

Jegit's In Company..ahaha..
Yun, Vic & Kiah

Yvon & Thia

Mel, Cheng, Yvon & Thia

Mel, Thia & Yvon!!
High school craziest DJs..hehehe

Vin, Thia, Fifi & Bel
My childhood bestie till now!! BFF!!

Fifi & Thia..

Vic & Thia

Thia & Liz
Bestie since baby..=)

Bel & Thia..++ BFF++ this moment a lot!!
Zian & Thia

muahxxxx!! ++ BLOW ME A KISS++

Av & Thia.
miss av a lot!!

Mavis & Thia..
++party time!!++

with the girls!!
Syl, Mavis, Thia & Jane..

Yun, Vic & Kiah

Jane, Thia & Luj..miss this moment!

 Just had our haircuts..
Luj & Thia

Jane, Thia & Luj..

Jane & Thia

My crazy bestie..
Thia, Valent & Pame..

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